* 10.06.1998

Sire: DV-98 Kirman Kashmir (Kasi)
Dam: Fin Ch Tazillah Tzenobia (Muumi)

A lot of time passed between our first and second litter but the waiting was finally awarded in summer 1998. For some time I had planned to breed my Tzenobia who was left home from the first litter. When I was looking for a male for her I had crossed my eye to a young Kirman Kashmir who was strong and charismatic. He was good in type and had nice side movements and good self confidence in character. Tzenobia also seemed to like my choise and the breeding was very easy when we visited the sire.

When the right time came Tzenobia gave birth to six fine saluki boys although few girls would not have been any harm either. The boys turned out to be strong like their father, just as I expected.

Four out of six of them has finished their Finnish championship titles so far but we have not given up with the rest of them either.

S-boys few days after they were born

D: Tazillah Sahib Saphir "Saska" grizzle
D: Tazillah Sazambah "Kapu" golden
D: Tazillah Sultan al-Arab "Sulo" creme
D: Tazillah Shimon Sabah "Elvis" creme
D: Tazillah Shah Tepe "Hercules" grizzle
D: Tazillah Sheikh Sobeq "Ekku" black grizzle