S-litter youngsters: Herkules, Elvis, Kapu and Sulo, 
      at the age of about 9 weeks.

Puppy News


’ž <P class="basic_text" style="text-align:center"> 27.12.2014 <br/><br/> Sire: <?php prTitle("en",262)?>&nbsp;<?prDogLink("txt_link","en",262)?>&nbsp;(<?prNName(262)?>) &nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>X<BR> Dam: <?php prTitle("en",269)?>&nbsp;<?prDogLink("txt_link","en",269)?>&nbsp;(<?prNName(269)?>) <br/><br/> <br/>There are three handsome boys and seven lovely girls in this litter. The puppies are black&tan, cream, golden, light fawn and darker fawn in colour. <br/><br/> Puppies are still available! <!--br/> Urospentu on vielä vailla omaa harrastavaa kotia:<br/><br/> <u>TAZILLAH DARIUS</u><br/><br/> <IMG class="frames" src="images/Tazillah Darius 10 weeks.jpg" alt="Tazillah Darius 10 viikkoa"> <IMG class="frames" src="images/IMG_3930Darius front.jpg" alt="Darius"--> </P> <DIV align="center"> <A class="pdg_link" href=<?php echo ("\"pedigree-gen.php?lang=en&pdg=33\"") ?>>Pedigree</A> <BR> <A class="pdg_link" href="pentue-a_gal_e.php">Puppy pictures</A> <BR><BR> </DIV> <H3>Pictures of the parents:</H3> <DIV style="text-align:center; width:800px"> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/8959Hali head 2013 s.jpg" alt="Hali head 2013"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/703 2010 Hali s.jpg" alt="Hali"> <br/> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Tazillah Iraiyavan head TKantoluoto s.jpg" alt="Hali. Photo by T. Kantoluoto"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Hani liikkeessa s.jpg" alt="Hani"> <br/> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Hani PN 2 s.jpg" alt="Hani PN 2"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Hani pn2 varacacib s.jpg" alt="Hani pn2 varacacib"> <br/> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/I7526Hali itte paa s.jpg" alt="Hali head"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/IMG_4773 Tazillah Iraiyavan s.jpg" alt="CIB.& POHJ &FI&DK&SE&EE&BY&LV MVA LVV-12 Tazillah Iraiyavan"> <br/> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/IMG_5621Ihana Halin paa s.jpg" alt="Hali head"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/IMG_6162Hani PN-1 SERT FI&DK MVA s.jpg" alt="Hani PN-1 SERT FI&DK MVA"> <br/> <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/IMG_6217Tazillah Hanin Shakila moves s.jpg" alt="Tazillah Hanin Shakila moves"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Tazillah_Hanin_Shakila_Hani_front s.jpg" alt="Tazillah Hanin Shakila front"> &nbsp; <IMG class="frames" height="250" src="images/Tazillah_Hanin_Shakila-Hani_head s.jpg" alt="Tazillah Hanin Shakila head"> &nbsp; <DIV/> <P class="basic_text" style="text-align:center"> Enquiries:<br><br> Satu Hyvärinen, <A class="txt_link" href=""></A> puh. +358-400-457967<br> </P>