S-litter youngsters: Herkules, Elvis, Kapu and Sulo, 
      at the age of about 9 weeks.

Puppy News



Sire: C.I.B & Nord & Fi & Ee & By & Dk & Lv Ch LvW-12 Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali)   
Dam: Fi & Dk & Ee Ch JW-09 Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani)

There are three handsome boys and seven lovely girls in this litter. The puppies are black&tan, cream, golden, light fawn and darker fawn in colour.

Puppies are still available!

Pictures of the parents:

Hali head 2013   Hali
Hali. Photo by T. Kantoluoto   Hani
Hani PN 2   Hani pn2 varacacib
Hali head   CIB.& POHJ &FI&DK&SE&EE&BY&LV MVA LVV-12 Tazillah Iraiyavan
Hali head   Hani PN-1 SERT FI&DK MVA
Tazillah Hanin Shakila moves   Tazillah Hanin Shakila front   Tazillah Hanin Shakila head  


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