On this page you may peek at the people and dogs who are hidden behind the prefix Tazillah. Also you can find here a brief story about our life with salukis from the early days until now.

About Us

Satu, Cindy and Jalo


She is definitely the heart and soul of the kennel. A walking encyclopedia of salukis who's interest to the breed is endless. If she ever has a free moment from taking care of our dogs you will probably find her reading articles or literature of salukis. There is only one other thing that can take her interest away from dogs and that is good food; beside being a culinarist she just loves to bake and cook.


Every kennel needs someone to take care the running business; a kennel boy. The list of duties is endless including the basic things like walking the dogs and feeding them, beeing a helping hand at the shows by preparing the dogs for the ring, recording results and taking pictures of the winners. But as well you need to feel yourself comfortable in being a midwife when the puppies are born or you have to be able to become a webmaster when the kennel needs homepages on the web.

Muumi, Maxine and Jouko in Denmark 1994


The history of our kennel name dates back to year 1992 when the prefix Tazillah  was granted to us. Our life with salukis started at 1988 although Satu has been involved with dogs since 1979 when she got her first own dog. From the very beginning we have attended all the most common activities there are available for salukis; showing, lure coursing and track racing. We have also visited 9 European countries with our salukis, mostly for showing. We have bred 12 saluki litters to date, the latest being born 30th of March 2007. At this point we can not anymore say that salukis are our hobby, but rather a way of living, something that you can not live without. Read more >>

Our Dogs

  A saying "one can not have only one saluki" really applies for us because at the moment we have 12 dogs living with us, 11 salukis and one afghan hound. Via the following links you can visit their own pages:

Kirman Parifah
Al-Yasamin Jamana
Al-Yasamin Jadila
Tazillah Sultan al-Arab
Tazillah Shimon Sabah
Tazillah Qasama Faruz
Tazillah Qaus Quzaha
Tazillah Padmani Payam
Tazillah Ofeliyah
Tazillah Omar Kamran
Tazillah Mahta Malakeh
Tazillah Latif Farrukh

  In addition to the above mentioned we are co-owners to four salukigirls and one salukiboy who are not living with us, Al-Yasamin Jarada (Veera), Tazillah Riim bint Topaz (Riimu), Tazillah Qatifa Qani (Kani), Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) and Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili).

Al-Yasamin Jarada
Tazillah Riim bint Topaz
Tazillah Qatifa Qani
Tazillah Nasim Nahema
Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah

Im Memoriam

The following dear and beloved friends we have owned or bred have already moved to Rainbow Bridge:

Nordwart Filbert
Tazillah Topaz
LDC's Blond PB Maxine
Tazillah Tzenobia
Tazillah Panteha Hafiya
Nordwart Sahibar
Tazillah Timsahim
Tazillah Talizman