This is how Satu describes our life with salukis up to this date:

"Everything has started from my love to animals. If I had not met salukis maybe cats, horses or even cows could have stolen my heart completely. But now salukis are the best thing I know and I want to share my life with them."

My first dog however, was a shetland sheepdog called Jekku. It took me quite an effor but finally I succeeded to persuade my parents to get me a dog of my own. I took care and fed Jekku with extreme eagerness which may have caused that he become a bit over sized. Jekku had a wonderfull personality and he lived with us over 13 years.

Our first saluki "Fille", Int & Fin & Est & Dk Ch DV-89 PlSg-94 Nordwart Filbert came to us by accident, without any specific planning although I had already got acquainted with the breed earlier. I have never regreted taking him, on the contrary, due to him is our great enchantment to salukis.

As a friend and a companion to "Fille" in 1990 we took our second saluki "Eppu", Fin LCCh Nordwart Sahibar, who was a half brother to "Fille". From appearance, as well as from character, "Eppu" was quite different from "Fille", which does not mean that he would not have been a classical saluki. Eppu gained a finnish lure coursing champion title and he was also a double winner of the Finnish Saluki Club's "lure coursing saluki of the year" competition (1992-93).

Having actively participated in shows, racing and lure coursing for some years we in 1992 applied for the kennel name "Tazillah" which also was granted to us. At the end of the same year we imported a saluki bitch from USA, Am & Fin & Est Ch PlSg-94 LDC's Blond PB Maxine. A half a year later "Maxine" gave birth to the first Tazillah litter, the T-litter, which was sired by "Fille". Four puppies (2 + 2) were born and we decided to keep with us a cream bitch, Tazillah Tzenobia.

Later we tried to mate "Maxine" again but we were not able to get more puppies from her. Fortunately her blood lines continue in Finland in our later litters.

In 1996 we purchased our first Afghan bitch, FIN RCh&LCCh JK-98 DV-99 PM-99,-00 VMR-02 Kirman Parifah ("Ripsu"). With her we have actively and successfully participated in racing and lure coursing. She has not been shown much mainly because our very active participation in shows with salukis, there simply is not enough time and the saluki and afghan rings often run at the same time.

In year 1997 Marjo Aittokari, a long time saluki and afghan enthusiast (Kennel Al-Yasamin) contacted us and asked Filbert for her bitch Kirman Cintiya (Jasmiini). Everything went fine and Jasmiimi gave birth to 9 fine puppies, 3 boys and 6 girls. We could not resist the temptation and so a lovely grizzle girl Fiona (Int&Fin&Est&Lt Ch EstW-02 LtW-03 Fin RCh PM-00,-02 JK-01 TS-02 Al-Yasamin Jamana) moved to us. And couple of months later Fiona's red sister Diia (Fin&Est Ch Al-Yasamin Jadila) joined our family too. This first Al-Yasamin litter has later shown to be very successfull both in show ring as well as in lure coursing and racing.

Not until 1998 we were able to get our next own litter, the S-litter, although there were several attempts to mate Maxine again. What becomes to breeding five years between litters is a long time, almost too long. But then we have had two litters in 2000, the R-litter and the Q-litter, in year 2001 one litter, the P-litter and again one litter 2003, the O-litter. Then came the N-litter (May 2004), the M-litter (September 2004) and the L-litter (August 2005). Our lates litters are the K-litter and the J-litter which were born on July 2006. In years to come these young salukis will lead our way..."