* 07.04.2000

Sire: S Ch Khalils Sa'sebil Sag-I-Tazi (Sabil)
Dam: Fin Ch Tazillah Topaz (Luumu)

It took me a long time to decide whether I should breed with Topaz or not. It was not easy to find a suitable dog for rather small but yet elegant Topaz. Finally I ended up to a swedish dog Khalils Sa'sebil Sag-I-Tazi, who already had sired two litters in Sweden. He is good old fashioned saluki in type, classic outline, warm red color with nice feathers and very nice temperament. He is also from a litter in which overall quality is very good.

Because Sa'sebil lives is Sweden and it was not possible to take Topaz there I decided to try artificial insemination with fresh (chilled) semen. We had top veterinary specialist taking care the prodedure both in Sweden and Finland with good results; Topaz became pregnant and in due course gave birth to six puppies, four dogs and two bitches. Three of the boys were grizzle and one creme and both girls were dark red.

D: Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin "Ruben" black grizzle
D: Tazillah Riyadi Rasid "Rasid" grizzle
B: Tazillah Rabba al-Manzil "Limppu" red with black fringes
B: Tazillah Riim bint Topaz "Riimu" red with black fringes
D: Tazillah Raabih Halim "Halim" black grizzle
D: Tazillah Rubayati "Riki" creme