News 2004


New Norwegian champion

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was placed as second at Int show in Tromsa, Norway on October 24th. Salomo was awarded with CC and thus became a norwegian champion.

In Seinäjoki Int show on October 23rd the winner of open class with res-CC was Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma).


M-litter born

More information on M-litters new page.


Good results in SVKL specialty

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was placed second in dogs and Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) as well second in bitches at the Finnish Sighthoud Clubs special show in Tampere September 12th. In addition Tazillah Talizman (Tabu) was BOB-veteran and Al-Yasamin Jarada (Veera) was BOB/BIS-2 working class dog. Judge was Mr.Herman Bürk from Germany and there were 28+23 salukis at the show.


Mother and daughter placed

Total of 34 (16+18) salukis were judged by Mr.Glenway Dymock (Australia) in Porvoo on 11th of September. Daughter Tazillah Ofeliyah (Cindy) was placed 3rd with res-CC and mother Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona) followed as fourth.


Ruben and Vilma won in Tallinn, Lena placed in Heinola.

Ruben ja Vilma

  • Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOB and Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) BOS under Rainer Vuorinen in Tallinn international show 29th of August. Both Ruben and Vilma were awarded with CACIB and Vilma also with Estonian CC.

  • In Heinola show Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was placed as third in bitches. Lena was also awarded with res-CC.


Faida wins CC

Tazillah Obaida Ziba (Faida) continues her well started show career. In Kouvolassa September 28th Faida was placed 3rd in bitches with her second CC.


Vilma wins CC in Raisio

Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) was placed 3rd in bitches with her second CC.


Ruben continues succesfully

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOS with CACIB in Pori international show on 1st of August.

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin ja Anjal Sahara Rania


First CC for O-litter

Tazillah Obaida Ziba (Faida) was placed second in bitches in Mäntyharju and got her first CC.



Salomo Tammsvik 2004

At sighthound specialty weekend in Tammsvik, Sweden Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) placed second in open class on Sundays official show.

In junior bitches Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was placed also second both at Saturdays unofficial and Sundays official show.


Ruben and Lena successful at HVK

  • At Helsinki Sighthound Clubs group 10 specialty July 17th Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was chosen "Best Working Dog in the Show".

  • Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) who is just starting her show carreer was placed 3rd in bitches with res-CC.

Ruben Lena


Eppu has gone

Nordwart Sahibar (Eppu) died 16th of July at the age of 14 years. Eppu was excellent lure coursing dog and he was a double winner of the Finnish Saluki Club's "Lure Coursing Saluki of the Year" trophy, in years 1991 ja 1992. He was also the fifth saluki ever in Finland who completed his working title in lure coursing.


Elvis wins in St.Petersbourgh

Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) took a midsummer trip to St.Petersbourgh's int. show and was BOB with CACIB. He was also awarded with Russian CC which entitles he to the Russian Ch title. Elvis continued his success in group and was placed as second.


Two CACIBs from Kotka

At Int. show in Kotka June 20th Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) and Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) got both RES-CACIBs which both will turn into CACIB's. Elvis was second in dogs and Vilma in turn was third in bitches. In addition Vilma got her second CC.

Elvis Vilma


Ruben shines in Sweden and Ramses in Jämsä


Two res-CCs from Rauma

Tazillah Sahib Saphir (Saska) and Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) were awarded with res-CCs in Rauma May 5th. Saska was placed as fourth in dogs and Vilma also as fourth in bithes.


Ventspils Int, Latvia

Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) was BOB and BIG-4 in Ventspils's Int. show in Latvia. Elvis was naturally also awarded with CACIB and Latvian CC. CACIB was third to Elvis and with the CC Elvis become also a Latvian champion.


N-litter born

More information can be found from N-litters new page.


One CC from courcing and two res-CC's from showing

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was placed as second with CC in lure coursing competition in Rajamäki May 15th. A good success was suplemented by Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) who finished the race in 7th place.

Tazillah Riim bint Topaz was placed as 7th in "Suomi-Cup 2004" lure coursing race May 5th. "Suomi-Cup" is an invitation race for 16 best ranked salukis from previous season.

At show in Mynämäki May 15th the res-CC's were awarded to Tazillah Sahib Saphir (Saska) and Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma). Saska was placed as third in dogs and Vilman as second in bitches.


Ruben wins in Lappeenranta

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) continued his nicely begun show year with BOB and BIG-2 placing in Lappeenranta on 12th of April.


Tampere INT

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was placed as third in dogs in Tampere Int. show March 21st. There were 43+44 saluki entries in the show.


Breeding news

Al-Yasamin Jadila (Diia) has been mated to Exlibris Canes Khasar.


New Int champion

Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) was awarded with CC and CACIB and Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) with res-CACIB in Vilna in Lithuania. Pumpuli completed now her international championship title with her fifth CACIB within 13 months. With the lithuanian CC pumpuli also received a lithuanian championship title.


Results from Kaarina


Imatra INT

Ken Stevenson from Northern-Ireland chooses Tazillah Ofeliyah (Cindy) as BOB puppy in Imatra.

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was placed as third in dogs with res-CACIB.


Tallinn Int show

Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) was BOB and Al-Yasamin Jadila (Diia) BOS in Tallinn The judge was Wilfried Peper from Germany. Both Elvis and Diia were awarded with CACIB and Diia was also awarded with CC which entitles her to a estonian championship title.