News 2006


BOB El Hamrah Rammah-Sahir and BOS Tazillah Nasim Nahema

Finish Winner -06

BB-4 Tazillah Oleylah

Tazillah Nasim Naheman (Nasu) continued her success in show ring beeing BOS in Winner 2006 show in Helsinki on Dec 10th. Nasu was awarded with CACIB and Winner -06 title. Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was BB-4 but once again had to content herself with the res-CC. The judge was Mr Javier Blanco from Spain.


Fin Ch Tazillah Nasim Nahema

New champion

On Nov 19th in Jyväskylä int-show BB-2 was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) who was awarded with res-CACIB and also her third CC which gave her the Finnish championship title. Salukis (29+13) were judge by Mr David Wong from Australia.


Master took his second CC

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was BD-2 and was awarded with CC in Seinäjoki (Int). BB-4 was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) once again with res-CC. The judge was Mrs. Elisabet Janzon from Sweden and she has got 16+23 salukis in her ring.


Tazillah girls made straight of four

Swedish judge Åke Cronander placed all four Tazillah bitches precent in Porvoo show on Sept 9. The order in BB ring was BOS + CC Tazillah Oleylah (Lena), BB-2 + res-CC Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu), BB-3 Tazillah Ofiyah (Olga) and BB-4 Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma).

Dogs res-CC was awarded to Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili).


Vilma best of champions

Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) won bithes champion class and completed as BB-4 in Helsinki on Sep 2. Salukis were judged by Mr. Philip John from India.

Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) won a track race (480m) in Hyvinkää Sep 3. Winning time was 34.41s.


Nasu places in Hämeenlinna

In Hämeenlinna international show on Aug 8th BB-3 was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) who was awarded also with res-CACIB and res-CC. In dogs the winner of res-CC was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master). The judge was Rudi Brandt from Denmark.


Niili and Nasu placed equally

In Kouvola on Aug 19 BD-4 was Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili), who also got res-CC. The next day in Heinola Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) was placed BB-4. In Kouvola the judge was Mr Tomasz Borkowski from Poland, Heinola was judged by Ms Natalia Nekrosiene from Lithuania.


Salomo and Niili best dogs in Imatra

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BOS in Imatra on August 12. Second in dogs was Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili), whos was also awarded with CC. The judge was Mr Aleksandr Ivanov from Russia.


Osku first time in ring

Tazillah Ozafar Niyaz (Osku) started his show career in Raisio on August 12 by winning dogs open class and ending up BD-3 with res-CC. Salukis were judged by Mrs Tuula Savolainen from Finland.


Master made it big in Sawo Show

Only 11 month old Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) took a great win at the second day of the three day Sawo Show event in Kuopio on August 5. Master was BOB and got his first CC which was a nice continuation to the res-CC he got at the first show day. At the third day Tazillah Parham al-Masi (Ramses) won dogs champion class and completed as BD-2 with res-CACIB. BD-3 with res-CC was Tazillah Nabi Barraq (Pyry), who regardless of his very limited show experience won dogs open class with good attitude in all days. The judges were first Mr Stelios Makaritis from Greece then Mr Göran Bodegård from Sweden and third day Mr James D. Sillers from US.


Tinkalle runs CC-time on track

Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) raced third time on track and reached her second racing CC. Tinka's time on 480m was 33.74s.


BIS-4 breeders group

Ruben BOB in Kotka

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOB in Kotka. BD-3 was Tazillah Qaus Quzaha and BD-4 junior aged Tazillah Tazillah Latif Farrukh, who was awarded with res-CC. BB-2 was Tazillah Oleylah (Lena), who was also awarded with res-CC. Salukis were judged by Mr. Pedro Delerue from Portugal. In addition kennel Tazillah's presented BIS-4 breeders group.


J-litter was born

Tazillah Ofeliyah (Cindy) got five nice puppies (1+4) which are golden, 2 x creme and 2 x grizzle in colours. More information about this litter can be found from I-litters page.


Ramses places in Helsinki

Tazillah Parham al-Masi (Ramses) won dogs champion class in Helsinki on July 16 but this time it was only enough to give Ramses the BD-4 placing. The judge was Mrs. Dee Hyde from Australia who had got 13+7 salukis in her ring.


K-litter born

Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona) gave birth to six handsome offsprings (3+3). Puppies are 1 x creme and 5 x tricolor in colours. You can find more information about newcomers from litters page.

Salomo and his catch from Minsk

Salomo wins again in Minsk

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) continued his trip to Belarus with success and was BOB and BIG-2 in Minsk international show. The judge was Mr. Stefan Stefik from Slovakia.


Salomo places in BIS

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) made this time a show trip to Belarus where he completed as BIS-2 in Minsk show on July 8.

Tinka fast on track

Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) made a great entry to racing track and was third in annual Derby race held in Helsinki Sighthound Center on July 8.


Lena places again

In Pori show July 2nd Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was once again placed in BB-ring. This time she ended up 3rd. The jusge was Mr.Branislav Rajic from Slovenia.


Results from Mustiala sighthound weekend

In Finnish sighthound clubs specialty in Mustiala on July 2nd. salukis were judged by Mr. Gerry Newton from USA. Best young dog was Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) with res-CC. The winner of open bitches was in turn Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka).

Next day in FCI group 10 specialty the BD-3 was Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo). The judge was Mrs.Margaret Martin from Ireland.

During the weekend also European lure coursing championships were held in Mustiala. In this race Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) ended up 10th in dogs.


Vilma best of bitches

Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) was BOS in Forssa on June 18. This time BD-3 was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben).


Ruben European Winner

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-1 in European Winner show in Helsinki on June 10 and was granted with the title of "European Winner 2006". We would like to thank all for congratulations and great support!
In bitches the winner of open class was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu).
Total of 71 salukis were judged by Mr. Ole Staunskjær from Denmark.


Res-CC for Nasu

Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) won bitches open class and was awarded with res-CC in Järvenpää show on May 28. Second in class was Nasus sister Tazillah Nafisa Nephrinen.


Siblings best in Tampere

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BOB and BIG-3 and his sister Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) BOS in Tampere group show on May 27. BD-2 was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben). Kennel Tazillah presented also BIS-2 breeders group in the show. Salukis were judged by Mrs. Ruth Wagner from Luxembourgh.

Jalo qualifies to finnish team

Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) made his way through qualifications to Finlands team to compete for lure coursing European championships. Finnish team is not yet officially announced but the team will consist of six best dogs and six best bitches of the qualifiations. Jalo was ranked as sixth of the dogs. Lure coursing Europen championships will be held in Mustiala, Finland on the first weekend of July.


Lena got CC

Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was BOS in Oulu on May 13. Despite of several BB placings in earlier shows this was the first CC for Lena.

Jalo in Suomi-CUP finals

Lena's full brother Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) made his way to Suomi-CUP final and ended up to ninth. Suomi-CUP is a lure coursing race for invited dogs.


New champion

Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) was BB-3 in Vaasa show on April 30. Vilma was awarded with CC which completed her Fin Ch title. Since Vilma had earlier got a CC from Estonia she completed her Estonian championship with this CC as well. In dogs BD-2 was Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo). There were 12+20 salukis in the show and they were judged by Mr. David Strachan from Australia.


Results from Lappeenranta

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was this time BD-3 in Lappeenranta on April 17. The winner of dogs res-CC was 15 month old Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili). Salukis (19+4) were judged by Mrs. Säde Hohteri from Finland.


Nuru succeeded in lure coursing

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) won lure coursing race held in Tallinn on Aprin 16. Nuru collected total of 507 points and was also avarded with CC.


Lena places in Tampere

Frans de Ridder from Belgium had got 33+29 salukis in his ring in Tampere Int show on March 19. Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) took again a placing in best bitch ring ending up fourth.


Ruben wins in Kaarina

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOB in Kaarina sighthound group specialty on March 5. BD-4 was this time Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo). In bitches BB-3 was Tazillah Ofiyah (Olga) and BB-4 Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu), who was awarded also with CC. The judge was Mr. Per Lundström from Sweden, who had got 19+20 salukis in his ring. Kennel Tazillh was also BIS-2 in breeders group.


Tazillah Latif Farrukh, BOB & BIG-4 puppy Master started his show career with win

A six mounths old Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) had a good start in show ring beeing BOB among six puppies in Helsinki on Feb 26. The judge was Mrs Eeva Resko. Later in group ring Master ended up fourth.


Results from Challenge Trophies in year 2005

The titles of BOS Saluki of the Year 2005 and BOS Most Winning Saluki of the Year 2005 were awarded to Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) who ended up second in both of the trophies. Number three and also the second best bith in both above mentioned trophies was young Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu). In addition Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) was 10th and Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) 16th in the Saluki of the Year trophy.

In TOP Saluki trophy three Tazillah salukis were in the top 10 list. Number 5 was Tazillah Qasama Faruz, number eight was Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) and number nine Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin.

In the Breeder of the Year trophy Kennel Tazillah collected a nice score of points and after beeng a numer 3 for some years was now number 2.

Our great congratulations to Satu and Ruben for the past fabulous show year as well as to Milla and Nasu for such a wonderful debute year! A warm thanks also to all active owners of Tazillah salukis who have made this year so special, without you all this could not have been possible!


Aziz Kabir, BOS and Tazillah Qasama Faruz, BOB Pumpuli opens new show year with a win

Siblings from Q-litter have got great start for the new show year; a week back Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) did very succesfull visit to Slovenia and now his sister Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) was BOB with CACIB in Turku Top Dog Show on Jan 21. BB-2 was Al-Yasamin Jarada (Veera) who also was BOS veteran. In addition dog's champion class Tazillah Parham al-Masi (Ramses) was placed second. In open bitches O-litter sisters Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) and Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) took places 3 and 4. The judge was Mrs Marion Finney from Ireland who had attracted 34+24 salukis in her ring.


Sari and Salomo

Salomo took almost all in Slovenia

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) participated in three shows in Ljubljana Slovenia on Jan 14-15 and was twice BOB and once BD-2.
On Saturday's Int show 6 + 1 salukis were judged by Mr Luis Manuel Catalan from Portugal. Salomo was BOB with CACIB and CC (SLO Ch).
On Sunday's Int show judge was Mrs Natalia Nekrosiene from Lithuania. Salomo was again BOB with CACIB and CC.
On Sunday afternoon there was still a national specialty judged by Mr Markku Mähönen from Finland. This time Salomo was placed as BD-2 with CC.
Congratulations to Sari and Salomo for the great achievements!


Lena places in Kajaani

Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was BB-4 and was awarded with RES-CACIB and res-CC in Kajaani show on January 7th. Salukis were judged by Mrs Outi Piisi-Putta.