News 2007


Finnish Saluki Club's Challenge Trophies 2007

Saluki male of the Year, Young Saluki male of the Year, The Most Winning Saluki of the Year #4
and TOP Saluki #3: Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master).
TOP Saluki #8: Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma)
Saluki of the Year #10: Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili)
Veteran of the Year #4: Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona)
TOP Dam of the Year #3: Al-Yasamin Jadila (Diia)
Saluki Breeder of the Year #3: Kennel Tazillah


Two Winners

Ruben, Winner -07 Mambo, Junior Winner -07

In the Finnish Winner Show in Helsinki two Winner titles were awarded to Tazillah salukis. Best Dog and BOS and Winner 07 was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) and best of junior dogs and Junior Winner 07 was Tazillah Khair-Ul-Bashar (Mambo). Both of these fine dogs are owned and handled by Mrs Satu Kuukka. Congratulations to Satu for the great achievement!

Class placings were achieved also by Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) with #4 in junior dogs, Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) with the win of working dog class and Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) with #3 in bitches champion class.

Winners -07


Results from Minsk

On Saturday 17th of Nov Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was BOB and Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) was BOS at Minsk's international show in Belarus. Both were awarded with CC and CACIB by which Vilma completed her international championship title. BB-2 was Tazillah Ofiyah (Olga), who was awarded with res-CACIB and also with CC because of her win in open class. With the CCs all three were granted the BLR Ch title. Master completed the fine day by winning the sighthound group and finally finished as BIS-4.

On Sunday's show the placings remaind the same as on Saturday but in group competition Master was now BIG-2. Also Olga res-CACIB will be comfirmed to her as CACIB later.

Vilma BOS and Master BOB


Michela, BB-2 + CC + Fin Ch

New champion

Siblings Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) and Tazillah Layla Lamayra (Michela) achieved BD-2 and BB-2 placings in Lahti group show on Nov 3. Michela was awarded with her third CC and thus completed her Fin Ch title. Salukis were judged by Mrs Outi Piisi-Putta from Finland.


Vilma wins in Seinäjoki

Tazillah Pareesa Ashar (Vilma) achieved her show carreer's first BOB win in Seinäjoki international show on Oct 21. For her win Vilma was avardwed with her fourth CACIB. Salukis were judged by Mr. Ove Germundsson from Sweden.

Vilma, BOB + CACIB

Kaxi opens with win

Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) made a nice debute for her track racing career by winning the 710m race on Alingså's (Sweden) track with new track record 53.98s.



Two wins in lure coursing

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) has won two lure coursing competitions in Estonia with high scores and CCs. In the first competition Nuru scored 529 points and in the second amazing 546 points.


Michela, BB-3 + CC

FCI group 10 show in Tampere

The judge was Mrs Björk Foss from Norway and the best placed dogs were Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) BD-3 ja Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) BD-4.
In bitches Tazillah Layla Lamayra (Michela) was BB-3 with CC and BB-4 was Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona). Fiona was also BOB veteran and did great BIS-ring beeing selected as BIS-2 veteran. Kennel Tazillah presented also BOB breeders group.

Lure coursing result from Estonia

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) was placed third with CC in international lurecoursing event in Estonia.


Kanda, CC + BIS-4 junior

Kanda excels in Porvoo

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was BOB junior in Porvoo show and was awarded with CC. In the BIS junior competition Kanda first made his way to the group of 10 finalist and was finally selected as BIS-4 junior.
Best placed dog in adult classes was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master), who was BD-3. Salukis were judged by Mr Magnus Hagstedt from Swerige.


Mami in St.Petersburg

Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) was BOS in St.Petersburgs international show and was awarded also with CACIB and CC as well as the RUS & RKF Ch and Newsky Winner -07 titles.

Tinka, BB-3 + CC Tinka wins CC

The promising brothers, Tazillah Khair-Ul-Bashar (Mambo) and Tazillah Kayanshah (Janus) took first two places in junior class in Vantaa show.

In bitches Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) took yet another BB placing beeing this time third with CC. Salukis were judged by Mr Zeljko Gajic from Slovenia.

Dina ja Sulo


Dina visited Sulo

Kirman Obadiah (Dina) was mated with Tazillah Sultan al-Arab (Sulo). For more info see kennel Desierto Belleza's homepages.


Success at Tervakoski

In Tervakoski international show salukis were judged by Mr Matti Tuominen with the following results:
In dogs Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOS with CACIB and Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) BD-3. In bitches Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) was BB-2 with CACIB and Tazillah Layla Lamayra (Michela) BB-3 with CC and res-CACIB. In addition kennel Tazillah presented BOB breeders group.


Master, BOB + CC + Fin Ch

Going strong in Heinola

Tazillah Latif Farrukhs (Master) visit in open class was as short as possible: beeing presented for the first time in open class in Heinola show Master was BOB with CC. Whit this CC Master completesd his Fin Ch title and due to this is from now on presented in champion class.
Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi), who lives in Sweden, won bitches junior under Mr Unto Timonen.
BOB veteran was Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona) and BOB breeders group was presented by kennel Tazillah. Salukis, except juniors, were judged by Mrs Joyce O'Connor from Ireland.


Leevi, res-CC

Leevi won res-CC

Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) won dogs intermediate class ans was awarded with res-CC in Joensuu show. The judge was Mrs Soile Bister from Finland.


Results from Mariefred

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben), Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) ja Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) made a fairly good visit to Mariefred's Sighthound specialty in Sweden on July 28 and 29. On Saturday's unofficial show there were 84+89 entries and the results were as follows: Master was second in intermediate class out of 11 salukis, and Niili was fourth in open class out of 27 salukis. The judge was Mrs. Carolyn Potts (kennel Yasbig) from Australia.
On Sunday's official show there were 86+83 entries and this time the results were: Master 5/9 (intermediate), Niili 5/34 (open) and Ruben 3/20 (champion). The judge was Mrs. Jeanna Jaques (kennel Classicus) from Great Britain.

Salomo won in Vantaa

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BOB and BIG-4 when Mrs. Susan Badick from Canada judged salukis in Vantaalla on July 28. BOS was Salomo's daughter Desierto Belleza Airosa.

Ruben, BIS-1 working dog.


Good placings at Helsinki Sighthoud specialty

Fiona, BIS-1 progeny group.

Fiona, BIS-4 veteran>
		Helsinki Sighthoud Club's Group 10 specialty was again a success to young 
		<A class=Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master), who was placed as BD-2 with CC. BD-3 was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben), who was also selected BIS-1 worging class dog. Also Tazillah Khair-Ul-Bashar (Mambo) was placed second in dogs junior class and as well as Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) in champion class.

The best placed bitch was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu), who was BB-2. BOB-veteran was Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona), who was also selected BIS-4 veteran. Fiona also presented BIS-1 progeny group. Class placings were marked also for Tazillah Layla Lamayra (Michela) as second in intermediate class, Tazillah Nafisa Nephrine (Nefi) as fourth in open class and Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) as third in champion class.

The judge was Mr.Ken Allan (kennel Jazirat) from England.

Michela, exc, intermed 2. Nasu, BB-2


Master wins CACIB

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was BOS and was awarded with CACIB in Juva int. show on July 7th. In bithches Tazillah Ofiyah's (Olga) placing was this time BB-4. Salukis were judged by Mrs Tuula Savolainen from Finland.


Ritchie wins CC

Tazillah Mehdi Melkhim (Ritchie) was BD-2 with CC in Tuusula on Jun 30. BD-4 was Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo). In bitches Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) was BB-2 and was awarded with res-CC. The judge was Mrs Maria Teresa Durando Fassio from Italy.


Mami (right), BOS

Mami BOS in Hämeenlinna

Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) continued her success in show rings by beeing BOS in Hämeenlinna on June 17. BD-2 with CC was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) and BD-3 Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili). In addition the winner of dogs open class was Tazillah Mehdi Melkhim who was awarded with res-CC and the BOB-veteran was Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona). Kennel Tazillah also presented the BOB breeders group. Salukis were judged by Mrs Britt Schøne-Brodwall from Norway.


Niili and Nasu Niili and Nasu BIS brace

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) and Tazillah Nasim Naheman (Nasu) were selected as BIS brace in Saluki Showssa on June 10.


Master succeeded

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) got a nice booster to his already well started show career in Helsinki at the Finnish Saluki Clubs 20 years anniversary specialty on June 9. Master was selected as a BIS among 69+55 salukis. The dogs were judged by Mr Michael Williams (kennel Kasaque) from Great Britain.

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (BIS) and Aziz Xanom (VSP). Photo Minna Saari


Lena wins res-CC again

Tazillah Oleylah (Lena) was BB-4 in Tuuri on July 3 and was once again awarded with res-CC.


Mami and Mina

M-sisters in action

Just after completed her Fin Ch title Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) continued her CC-chase now in lure coursing in Valkeakoski on May 27. Mamis result was amazing 514 points and second place in the race with CC. Mamis full sister Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina) had a fantastic start to her coursing career a well. Mina scored 511 points which entitled her to third plase with CC. Another debutant in the race was also Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili), who got 490 points and was placed tenth. Total of 57 salukis were competing in this lure couring event.


Tinka (right), BOS + CC

Tinka BOS in Rauma

Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) was best bitch and BOS with CC in Rauma on May 20. BD-2 with res-CC was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master), BD-3 was Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) and BD-4 was Tazillah Ozafar Niyaz (Osku). In addition Tazillah ended up as BIS-2 in breeders group. Salukis were judged by Mr. Bob Whitney from Canada.

BIS-2 breeders group


Mami completed her title

Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) continued her CC chase succesfully in Helsinki int show on May 19. Mamis result was BB-2 with CC and res-CACIB which also ment that she completed her FIN Ch title. Exceptionally also BOB and BOS juniors were selected in the show and those were Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) as BOB-junior and show debutant Tazillah Janan Al-Jamana (Jade) as BOS-junior. Kanda was also awarded with res-CC. The judge was Mr. Gianfranco Bauchal from Italy.


CC and res-CCs

In Hamina on May 13 Tazillah Mahta Malakeh (Mami) was BOS and got her second CC and Tazillah Nafisa Nephrine (Nefi) was BB-2 with res-CC. In dogs junior aged Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was BD-4 and was awarded with res-CC also.

Jalo in Suomi-Cup

Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) ended up as 7th in the Suomi-Cup lure coursing race in Hyvinkää on May 13. Suomi-Cup is a lure coursing race where 16 best salukis from the previous season are invited to compete for the Cup Winner (CVM) title.


Tabu's journey is over

Tazillah Talizman (Tabu) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 8th at the age of 14 years. Good bye dear Tabu, sleep peacefully.


Salomo reached his goal

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) became a champion of ten countries by winning the CC in Hilleröd international show in Danmark on April 28. Salomo made his day perfect by being BOB and later in group ring BIG-1. Unfortunately Salomo could not stay for the BIS ring because of the thight travelling schedule. Congratulations Salomo and Sari, what a wonderful achievement!

No puppies for Riimu

Tazillah Riim bint Topaz (Riimu) was ultra sounded for puppies but unfortunately she is not pregnant.


Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar, BOS + CC

Nuru BOS in Estonia

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) was BOS with his second CC in Sillamaen on April 21.

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah, PU4 + sert, Fin Mva


Niili bacame Fin Ch

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) was BD-4 with CC in Lappeenranta on April 08. With this third CC Niili completed his Fin Ch title. The winner of dogs res-CC was once again Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master).

In puppy class BOB was Tazillah Khair-Ul-Bashar (Mambo) and BOS was Tazillah Jawa Jasmeen (Lempi). The judge was Mrs Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa from Finland. There were 4+2 puppies and 14+8 adult salukis in the show.

Right: Tazillah Khair-Ul-Bashar, BOB-puppy. Left: Tazillah Jawa Jasmeen, BOS-puppy


Riimu mated

Tazillah Riim bint Topaz (Riimu) has been mated on 26th of March. Sire candidate is Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili).


Nuru BOB in Estonia

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) was BOB with CC in Rakvere Estonia on March 31. The judge was Mr. Markku Mähönen from Finland.


I-litter was born

Tazillah Qasama Faruz (Pumpuli) gave birth to seven brisk puppies on 29th of March. More information on this litter can be found from litters page.


Niili was placed again

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) was placed BD-3 with res-CC Tampere int-show on March 25. Salukis (50+40) were judges by Mrs. Ute Lennartz from Germany.


Second CC for Niili

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) was BD-2 and Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) BD-3 in FCI group 10 show in Kaarina on March 04. Niili was also awarded with CC and Master with res-CC. In puppy class Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) made his show debute and was selected as a BOS-puppy. The salukis (19+14) were judged by Mrs Ingela Kyrklund from Swerige.


Jadi started his show career with a win

A six mounths old Tazillah Jahan al-Jade (Jadi) had a good start in show ring beeing BOB among five puppies in Helsinki on Feb 26. The judge was Mr Harri Lehkonen. Later in group ring Jadi ended up fourth.