News 2008


Helsinki, Nordic Winner-09 show

Judge: Adrian Landarte, Uruguay

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) continued his strong show performance and was placed BD-3 in Nordic Winner-09 show in Helsinki. Ruben was also selected as BOB veteran. Dogs res-CC was awarded to Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali).


Helsinki, Winner-09 show

Judge: Francesco Cochetti, Italy

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) re-new his two years back placement in Winner-09 show in Helsinki by beeing again BOB with W-09 title. This time Ruben was also BOB and BIS-4 veteran. We did not miss the title either in bitches side as Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) was selected BOB junior and got the Junior Winner (JW-09) title.

Ruben W-09, Photo: Kirsi Kärkkäinen Hani JW-09


Turku, show

Judge: Hans Lehtinen

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was BD-3 and dogs CC was awarded to Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) who won the open class.


Jyväskylä, show

Judge: Ewa Stolarska , Poland

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-4 and BOB-veteran in Jyväskylä internationl show.


Puppy news

Tazillah G-litter was born! Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) gave birth to 6 lovely saluki puppies. Read more from litters page.


Lahti, Group show

Judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was BD-2 and Tazillah Halika Almasi (Lulu) BB-3 with res-CC.


Puppy news

Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) went to ultra sound on Oct 10th and the result was that puppies are on their way! Read more about the upcoming litter from litters page.


Helsinki, lure coursing

Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) continued his good performance on lure coursing field and took second place with CC in Helsinki. In the final round there were racing also Tazillah Nabi Barraq (Pyry) who completed sixth, Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda), who despite of getting a toe injury during final run placed seventh and coursing debutant Tazillah Khair-ul-Bashar (Mambo) on eight place. Total of 21 saluki dogs partisipated the race.


Tampere, group show

Judges: Dogs, Harry Tast, Finland / Bitches, Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden

Siblings Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) were both awarded with CC in Tampere group show. Hali was placed BD-3 where as sister Tarah really made her day and was BOB and finally BIG-2 in group ring. With the CC Tarah copleted her Finnish and Lithuanian shampionship titles.

Hali BD-3, Photo: Teppo Vartiainen Tarah, BIG-2


Helsinki, track racing

Two Tazillah salukis were seen on the podium of so called "Kingship race" (480m) in Helsinki on Septh 20th. Silver medal was given to Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) with time 34.02s and bronze medal to Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) with time 34.81s. In addition Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) finished fourth with time 35.10s.


Tampere, track racing

Three Tazillah salukis were competing at Tampere GP race (480m) with following results:
1. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda), 34.28
2. Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo), 34.82
3. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah), 35.35

Østlandet (Norway), lure coursing

Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) took third place in international lure coursing competition in Østlandet (Norway) and was awarded with LC-CC.


Kuopio, lure coursing Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) won dogs lure coursing race in Kuopio with two fine runs and scored the highest points of the day on both rounds. Leevi's total points were 497 and he was awarded with CC. In bitches race Tazillah Mandana Monir (Lumo) did also fine and finished as fourth.

Leevi, Photo: Sanja Ekblad Lumo, Photo: Sanja Ekblad

Porvoo, show

Judge: Guido Vandoni , Italy

Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) was BB-2 with res-CC. BOB-veteran was again Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo).


Vantaa, show

Judge: Seamus Oates, Ireland

Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) won dogs open class and was finally BD-4 with res-CC. BOB veteran was this time Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo).


Hyvinkää, track racing

Five salukis were racing at Hyvinkää track in "SA-FA Race 2009" competition (480m) and the winner was Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) by CC-time 33.90s. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) made her debute on track and made nice run finishing as fourth.



Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) visited in Sweden on a short honeymoon. Father candidate is Dhawati Hareeq Ghazal who is classic type of saluki male with no exaggeration and who has excellent masculine head, strong front and good hind quarter and excellent temperament.

Puppies are expected to be born on late October or beginning of November.

Uno Tinka

Tinka Tinka & Uno

Tinka & Uno Tinka & Uno



Tervakoski, show

Judge: Richard Paquette, Canada

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-2 and BOB veteran in international show at Tervakoski. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) completed good success and was BD-3 with res-CACIB.


Helsinki, track racing

Traditional HVK-CUP invitation race was run on Tuomarinkartano track on August 26th. Five salukis were racing for the CUP victory and they all did clean run in which Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) finished as second and Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) as third.


Salomo, BaltVW-09

Tallin, show

Judge: Lisbeth Ramsing, Danmark

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BD-3 and BOB-veteran in Tallin international show and was awarded with Baltic Veteran Winner (BaltVW-09) title.


Kouvola, show

Judge: Tuula Savolainen

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOB and BOB-veteran and later also BIG-3 in national show at Kouvola.


Hector, BIS-3 pentu Mustiala, specialty show

Judge: Arne Foss (Norge)

Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) BOB and BIS-3 puppy,
Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) BOS-puppy.

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) BD-2,
Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) BD-4 and BOS-vet.
Also Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) got placing in champion class by beeing fourth.

In open class Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) was placed second with res-CC and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) as third and in champion class Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) was fourth.

Master, BD-2 Waida, open-2, res-CC Salomo, BD-4 and BOS vet

Tazillah breeders group, HP-2

Joensuu, show

Judge: Göran Bodegård (Sweden)

Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) was BD-2 and was awarded with res-CC and CACIB.

Norrköping (Sweden), show

Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp (Norge)

Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) was BB-3 and was awarded with CC and res-CACIB.


Mustiala, lure coursing

Besides of track racing Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) proved that he can run also on field and did two fine runs which gave hin the second place in Mustiala intrnational lure coursing competition. Kanda scored 496 points and was awarded with CC. In dogs competition there were 27 participants.

Joensuu, show

Judge: Walter Schicker (Germany)

Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi) was BOB puppy in Joensuu national show.


Hyvinkää, track racing

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) showed once againg solid performance on track and was second in Finish Championships in Hyvinkää.


Västerås/Lövudden (Sweden), specialty show

Judge (dogs): Michael Williams (Great Britain)

Swedish Sighthound Club's traditional "Skokloster Summer Show" was arranged this year in Lövudden at Västerås, where 164 (80+84) official class salukis with their owners were gathered to compete and have a good time during the weekend. Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) did excellent job and was placed second in dogs champion class and was finally BD-3. Worth of mentioning is also Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) who was placed as third out of 29 dogs in open class.


Jyväskylä/Uurainen, lure coursing

Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) took second win in a row in lure coursing by scoring 504 points with CC in competition that was run at a little place called Uurainen near Jyväskylä. Second was Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) who was also awarded with CC. In finals run also Tazillah Khayr-un-Nisa (Kira) who was fifth, Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina) who finished as seventh and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) who ended up as tenth.


Helsinki, show

ROP ja VSP pentu Judge: Marie Bryce-Smith (Great Britain)

Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) was BOB and BIS-4 puppy and his sister Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) BOS puppy in Helsinki Sighthound Club's FCI group 10 show. Best official class result was achieved by Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) who was BD-4 and BOS-veteran.
In dogs open class brothers Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) and Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) were placed as second and third. In champion class third was Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) and second in working class was Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili).


Helsinki, track racing

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was third in the final of traditional "Kartanon Kannu" race at Tuomarinkaratano's track in Helsinki. Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) gave good support to Kanda and completed the race on fifth place.


Karjaa, show

Judge: Tuula Savolainen

Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) was BOB puppy at show in Karjaa. In bitches ring Tazillah Opal Oriana (Tinka) was BB-2 and Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) was BB-4.


Ylistaro, Lure coursing

Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) reached split firts place in lure coursing competition in Ylistaro, scored total of 515 points and was awarded with CC. Also two other Tazillah girls were seen in finals namely Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) who completed as 8th and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) who's deput in lure coursing ended up to 10th place. Total of 21 salukis partisipated in this competition.


Hyvinkää, show

Judge: Kirsti Lummelampi, Finland

Veterans took first two places in dogs ring as Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BD-1 and Tazillah Sultan al-Arab (Sulo) BD-2. Salomo was also BOB and BOB-veteran. Best bitch was Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) who was naturally also BOS and was revarded with CC. Tazillah Nafisa Nephrine (Nefi) completed the success by beeing BB-4.

Salomo BOB and Waida BOS


Tuusula, show

Judge: Regina Tromp Pruyn, Netherlands

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-4 and BOB-veteran in Tuusula.


DV-09 Tampere, track racing

Derby-race for 3 years old salukis were run on Tampere sighthound track where eight salukis, born at year 2006, were gathered to race for the Derby Winner -09 title. Racing distance was 480m and Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) made his way to finals with third best time of preliminary heats, 34.79s. In the final run of six salukis Kanda showed extreme determination and concentration on lure and managed to take a lead position in the first corner. On back straight the order of dogs remained the same and as dogs curved back to home straight Kanda had even incerased his lead and he crossed the goal line as a winner with time 34.88s.


Hämeenlinna, show

Judge: Agneta Kappers, Sweden

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BD-3 and BOB-veteran in Hämeenlinna.


Hyvinkää, track racing

Racing mates Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) and Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) were qualified to the final of track racing Nordic shampionships in Hyvinkää sighthound track. In the final Kanda finished as fourth and Jalo as fifth.


Kotka, show

Judge: Unto Timonen (Finland)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-3 and BOB-veteran in Kotka international show.


Helsinki, Saluki Show 2009

Judges: dogs: Meike DeHaney (Germany), bitches: Roberto Forsoni (Italy)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) did the same as day before and was again BD-1, BOS and this time BIS-senior.

Class winners were also in dogs puppy class Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi), who was also BIS-puppy and Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) in dogs working class, who was selected as BIS-working saluki.

Third in dogs open class with excellent was Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran).

Almost 12 years old Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona) presented the BIS-progeny class and was received the honour prize of the oldest bitch in the show. The oldest dog in the show was Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis), who in spite of his eleven years was also invited to "the best movements" competition.

Ruben BOS and Aziz Xanom BIS Ruben BOS and Aziz Xanom BIS
Supi, BIS-puppy Supi, BIS-puppy Kanda, BIS-working Kanda, BIS-working
Zarabis Odezia BOS and Supi BIS puppy Zarabis Odezia BOS and Supi BIS puppy


Helsinki, Finish Saluki club's specialty

Judges: dogs: Roberto Forsoni (Italy), bitches: Meike DeHaney (Germany)

Nine years old Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-1, BOS and BIS-veteran Saluki Club's yearly specialty. Winner of dogs champion class was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) who completed as BD-2.

Class winners were also Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) who won dogs puppy class and his sister Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) who did the same in bitches puppy class. Roberto Forsoni selected Hector as BIS-puppy and Hani as BOS-puppy.

Worth of mentionin is also Tazillah Iraiyavan's (Hali) placement as fourth out of 30 dogs in dogs open class.

Ruben BOS and Aziz Xanom BIS Ruben BOS and Aziz Xanom BIS
Ruben, BIS-veteran Ruben, BIS-veteran Master, BD-2 Master, BD-2
Hani BOS and Hector BIS-pentu Hani BOS and Hector BIS-pentu

Tuuri, show

Judge: Raisa Savander, Finland

Zarand Elmirah (Ella) was BB-3 in Tuuri national show.



Mänttä, show

Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland

Eleven years old Tazillah Sultan al-Arab (Sulo) was BOS and also BOB-veteran in Mänttä national show. Nine years younger Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) was in turn BD-4 with res-CC. In Bitches ring Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) took BB-3 placing and was also awarded with res-CC.



Hyvinkää, lure coursing

Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) started her lure coursing career pretty well in Hyvinkää on May 23 and took the third place in the race with 488 points.


ROP ja VSP veteraanit

Hamina, show

Judge: Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) was BD-3, BOB-veteran and finally BIS-4 veteran in Hamina national show. The success of the veteran was accompanied by young Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran), who was placed as BD-4.


Tampere, puppy show

Judge: Markku Mähönen, Finland

Tazillah Husayn Ameer's (Hector) show career continued in Tampere puppy show and the results was again BOS-puppy.


Lieto, lure coursing

Yearly lure coursing invitation contest, Finnish Cup, was held this year on the challenging grounds of Lieto, located near Turku. Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina) finished the bitches race as third.

In the following day's "Mother's Day coursing" conpetition the sisters from K-litter did well again and this time Tazillah Khayr-un-Nisa (Kira) was second with CC and Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) was third.

In dogs finals Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was sixth.


ROP ja VSP pennut, kuva:Marja Blomqvist

Hollola, puppy show

Judge: Merja Ylhäinen, Finland

Five month old Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) made his debut on show rings in Hollola puppy show and was placed as BOS-puppy.


Lahti, show

Judge: Javier Blanco (Spain)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) and Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) continued their succesfull show year in Lahti international show. This time Master was BOB and BIG-3 and Ruben BD-2 and BOB veteran. Total of 31 + 23 salukis were present in the show.

Master, BOB Ruben, BOB-vet and Dyynien Flying Fantasy, BOS-vet

Estonia, lure coursing

Tazillah Nur-ul-Khazar (Nuru) won lure couring race in Estonia and was awarded with CC which completed his Estonian lure coursing champion title. Congratulations Jarkko and Nuru!


Tampere, show

Judge: Anette Bystrup (Denmark)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) continued his well started show year and was BOS and BOB veteran in Tampere international show. BD-3 was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) with res-CACIB. Dogs sertificate was awarded to winner of intermediate class Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran). Total of 34 + 21 salukis were present in the show.

Ruben, BOS and Kirman Vidya, BOB Iran, CC-winner. Photo: Kirsi Kärkkäinen


Mustiala, lure coursing

Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina) took second place in saluki bitches lure coursing race in Mustiala. Mina's good performance was awarded with CC. Number 5 in finals was Tazillah Kashmira (Kati), who unfortunately fell down and therefore lost her changes for better placement.

In dogs finals Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was placed as third and Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) as fourth.


Kaarina, show

Judge: Maria Nordin (Sweden)

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) was BD-2 and BIS-1 working dog in FCI group 10 show in Kaarina. Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis) made nice entry after a quite long show break by beeing BD-4 and BOS-veteran. In addition the winner of dogs intermediate class Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) was awarded with res-CC. Kennel Tazillah presented also BIS-1 breeders group. There were 23 + 20 salukis in the show.

Niili, BD-2 and BIS-1 working dog Tazillah, BIS-1 breeders group


Turku, Show

Judge: Christian Vantu, Romania

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) opened his new show year nicely by beeing BD-3, BOB veteran and finally BIS-2 veteran in Turku TOP Dog Show on Jan 24th.
In bitches Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) was placed as BB-4 with res-CC. Total of 50 salukis were entered in the show.


Finnish Saluki Club's Challenge Trophies 2008

Saluki of the Year, The Most Winning Saluki of the Year:
Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master)

Saluki of the Year #2, The Most Winning Saluki of the Year #2:
Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili)

Veteran of the Year, Saluki of the Year #7, TOP-Saluki #7, The Most Winning Saluki of the Year #8:
Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben)

Young Saluki of the Year #4:
Tazillah Khair-ul-Bashar (Mambo)

Young Saluki of the Year #8, Track Racing Saluki Of The Year #9, Winner of Leevis's Commemorative Trophy 2008:
Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda)

Lure Coursing Saluki Of The Year #4:
Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina)

Veteran of the Year #3:
Al-Yasamin Jamana (Fiona)

Veteran of the Year #4:
Tazillah Sultan al-Arab (Sulo)

TOP Dam of the Year #3:
Al-Yasamin Jadila (Diia)

Breeder of the Year #2:
Kennel Tazillah