News 2010


Winner-10, Helsinki, international show

Judge: Abderrahim El Baroudi (MO)

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) hold his ground also in the last show of the year and was BD-2 with res-CACIB.

Placings in their classes were taken also by Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) as best veteran dog and BOS veteran, Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) as fourth in junior bitches and Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) as a winner of bitches working class.


Kanda: BOS/CACIB/HeW-10

Helsinki-Winner, international show

Judge: Raisa Savander

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) continued his nice row of placements and was BD-1 and BOS and was awarded with CACIB and new "Helsinki Winner" (HeW-10) title. Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) once again completed the success and was BD-3 and BOS veteran.

In addition Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was second in dogs champion class and Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) fourth in bitches junior class.

Best breeders group was preented by Kennel Tazillah.

Master: BOS


Jyväskylä, international show

Judge: Philippe Gallardo (SP)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) continued his strong show performance and was this time BOS with CACIB.


Tarto (Estonia), international show

Judge: Manuel Loureiro Borges (Portugal)

It was Tazillah Khair-ul-Bashar's (Mambo) turn to be the best Tazillah saluki at the show with BD-2 placement and res-CACIB. Mambo's full brother Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was placed again, this time as BD-3. Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was once again BOB-veteran and this time also with Ee vet-Ch title.

Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) was BOB junior and was awarded with Estonian junior CC.

Kennel Tazillah presented BOB breeders group.


Tarto (Estonia), international show

Judge: Pedro Sanches Delerue (Portugal)

Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) seems to finish the show year on high note as he was BD-1 and BOB with CACIB. Also Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) and Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) accompanied Kanda well as Iran was BD-4 and Ruben BOB-veteran.

Just one year old Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) did her debut in bitches junior class and was right away placed BB-3 and BOB-junior with Estonian junior CC.

Kennel Tazillah presented also BOB breeders group.


Lahti, international show

Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo (SP)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-1 and BOS and also BOB veteran and eventually BIS-3 veteran. To make the day perfect Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was BD-2 with CACIB and Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) BD-4.

In bitches side Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) continued her fine show year with BB-4 placing. Fourth in intermediate class was Tazillah Halika Almasi (Lulu).

Kennel Tazillah presented the BOB breeders group.

Waida: BB-4

Ruben: BD-1 & BOS & BIS-3 vet, Master BD-2 & CACIB Kanda: BD-4

Kati, Fi LCCh. Photo by J.Stenroos


Hailuoto, lure coursing

Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) finished the bitches competition on third place and was awarded with CC which also completed Kati's lure coursing championship title, Fi LCCh. Congratulations Kati and owners Anne ja Ilpo!


Helsinki, lure coursing

Total of 53 salukis (24 dogs, 19 bitches and 10 veterans) were gathered to chase the lure on sunny and warm autumn weather. Tazillah Kayanshah (Janus) made his debute on a coursing fied and took right a way third place in dogs competition and was awarded with CC. In bitches final fifth was Zarand Elmirah (Ella) and sixth and ninth place were taken by Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) and Tazillah Khayr-un-Nisa (Kira) who are full sisters to Janus.

In veterans mixed competition (dogs and bitches running together) third was Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) and fourth Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina), who was awarded with CC which also entitled her to the lure coursing championship title.

Janus Mina, FI LCCh

Tazillah K-pentue


Lahti, SVKL specialty show

Judge: Monica Wall (SE)

In dogs competition Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was placed BD-2. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) was BD-4 and also BIS-1 wroking class dog. BOB and BIS-2 veteran was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben).

Also in bitches side we got two placings as Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) was BB-3 and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) BB-4.

Kennel Tazillah presented also BIS-3 breeders group.

Master: BD-2
Kanda: BD-4, BIS-1 working
Waida: BB-3 Tarah: BB-4


Tampere, group show

Judge: Walter Schiker (DE)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) was placed second in dogs and Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) third in bitches. BOB veteran was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben).


Ikaalinen, lure coursing

Altogether 16 salukis were gathered to compete on a very nicely planned track on rolling field. In dogs and bitches combined race second place with CC was caught by Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida). Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) in turn got his fifth CC and LC championship title after beeing placed third in veterans competition.

Jalo and Waida

Hani: BB-2, CC + res-CACIB


Tervakoski, international show

Judge: Gustaaf van den Bosch (BE)

Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) won bitches intermediate class and ended up finally as BB-2 with CC and res-CACIB. The old gent Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was once again selected as BOB-veteran.


Heinola, show

Judge: Erwin Deutscher (AT)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-4 and BOB-veteran.


Tallinn (Estonia), international show

Judge: Gerard Jipping (NL)

Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) was placed BD-3 and was awarded with CC and in consequence of that also with Estonian championship title. Third in best bitch ring was Zarand Elmirah (Ella).

Kouvola, show

Judge: Zafra Sirik (IL)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BD-2 and BOB-veteran and later also BIS-4 veteran.


Oslo, Norwegian Winner Show (INT)

Judge: Frans Gerritsen (NL)

Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) was placed as BB-3 and was awarded with CC which gave her also the Norwegian champion title.

Mustiala, SVKL Club Show

Judge: Marianne Holm (FI)

Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) was best of dogs and finally BOS. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) followed with BD-2 placement. In best bitch ring Zarand Elmirah (Ella) did also fine and took the second place.


Kuopio, international show

Judge: Marja Talvitie (FI)

Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi) continued nicely his show weekend and was now placed as BD-4.


Kuopio, international show

Judge: Myrna Shiboleth (IL)

Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi), who won dogs intermediate class was also BOB and was naturally awarded with CC and CACIB. Supi's full sister Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) won also bitches intermediate class with excellent but this time it was not enough for further placements. Third in bitches open class with excellent was Zarand Elmirah (Ella).


Kuopio, international show

Judge: Ann Ingram (UK)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh's (Master) placement was this time BD-3 and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) was BB-4 and was awarded with res-CACIB which will turn into CACIB. With this CACIB Tarah completed her international championship title!


Vesijärvi, international lure coursing

Traditional Tampere international lure coursing competition was held this year at Vesijärvi near Tampere. Tazillah salukis did reasonably well and luckily avoided any accidents on a track which revealed to be quite dangerous resulting to number of falls and unfortunately some bad injuries also. In bitches competition Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) completed at sixth place out of 16 competitors. Tazillah Mona Luloah's (Mina) placement was eleventh.

On a competition of 19 saluki dogs veteran aged Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) did quite well and took finally fourt place. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) who at the first round scored quite low points compared to his performance on field did however fantastic second run and raised his position from 12th place to fifth place. Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) ran his second race and was placed on ninth place.

Master: BD-1, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-4


Helsinki, show

Judge: Raisa Savander (Fin)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) got his show career's best result so far by beeing first BOB, then BIG-1 and finally BIS-4 in Helsinki Summer Show. In the group competition the judge was Mr Jarmo Vuorinen (Fin) and BIS competition was judged by Mrs Elina Haapaniemi (Fin).

In addition Kennel Tazillah presented also BIS-4 breeders group.

Waida: BB-1, BOB, BIG-2, Fi Ch


Mäntsälä, show

Judge: Philip John (India)

Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) won dogs champion class and was finally BD-2. Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) in turn was BOB veteran and BD-4.

Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) completed her Finnish championship title with style as she was BB-1 and BOB with CC and later also BIG-2.


Helsinki Sighthound Club's Specialty Show

Judge: Björn Fritz (Germany)

Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) was selected as BOB puppy and ended up finally as BIS-2 puppy.

The best placing in dogs was taken by Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben), who was BOS veteran and BD-4. The other dogs placed in their classes were Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master) who was third in champion class and Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) who was fourth in the same class.

Intermediate bitches were won by Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) and fourth in bitches champion class was Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah).

Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) presented BIS-1 progeny group and kennel Tazillah was BIS-2 breeders group.

Kharmen, BIS-2 puppy Tazillah, BIS-2 breeders group


Helsinki, track racing

Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) was second and Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) third in a race of five salukis.


Ylistaro, lure coursing

Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) took her first coursing victory in biches competition and was awarded with LC-CC. In veterans competition Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) did great final run and raised to the first place. Jalo was also awarded with LC-CC which was his fourth and already third in a row in this season.

Waida, winner of bitches Jalo, winner of veterans


Pori, international show

Judge: Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)

Tazillah Iraiyavan's (Hali) placement was this time BD-3 at international show in Pori.


Forssa/Mustiala, show

Judge: Martha Heine (Germany)

Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) won dogs champion class and finally ended up to BD-4 placement. Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) in turn won bitches intermediate class and was finally BB-4.

Jalo, Väinö and Cindy. Photo:Jaakko Stenroos

Helsinki, track racing

Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) got his second veteran winner title this year by winning track racing veteran championship race in Helsinki. Race distance was 280m and winning time was 19.90s which is also 7 years old Jalo's best time ever.

Hampuri, näyttely

Judge: Walter Schicker (Germany)

Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) on bitches working class and was awarded with VDH-sertificate.

Jalo in action. Photo:Viki Kulmala


Mustiala, lure coursing

Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) continued his strong season in lure coursing fields and was placed second with CC in veteran class.


Kotka, international show

Judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa

Ten year old Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was BOB and BOB-veteran and contnied with the same pace also in group and BIS-veteran rings and was finally BIG-1 and BIS-1 veteran. Unfortunately Ruben was not able to participate in BIS competition next day.


Helsinki, Saluki Show

Dogs: Carole Beyerle (USA)
Bitches: Sharon Kinney (USA)

In intermediate dogs #4 was Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi) and in bitches side Supi's sister Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) was second.

In bitches open class Zarand Elmirah (Ella) was placed fourth.

Best working class dog was Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili) and fourth was Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda). Niili was selected as BOS working saluki and also BD-3.

Winner of dogs champion class was Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master), who was also BIS-champion and BD-2. Third was Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali), who was selected as "The best head in show" winner.

Best senior dog and BOS senior was Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo).

Winner of veteran dogs was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben), who was also BIS-veteran. Second was Tazillah Shimon Sabah (Elvis), who eventually was placed BD-4. Elvis (12 years) was also "The oldes dog in show" winner.

Kennel Tazillah presented BIS-1 breeders group.

Master, BD-2, BIS-champion. Photo:Tuire Kantoluoto Niili, BD-3, BOS-working

Elvis, BD-4, The oldest dog in show. Ruben, BIS-veteran. Photo:Tuire Kantoluoto

Salomo, BOS-senior Hali, The best head in show. Photo:Tuire Kantoluoto

Tazillah, BIS-1 breeder. Photo:Tuire Kantoluoto


Helsinki, Finish Saluki Club's specialty show

Dogs: Sharon Kinney (USA)
Bitches: Carole Beyerle(USA)

Puppy dogs 7-9 month class winner was Tazillah Gaspar Ibn Ghazal (Gaspar) followed by his brother Tazillah Garnet Ibn Hareeq (Uuno) as second. In puppy bitch class winner was Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) and fourth was Tazillah Gilah Razia (Tuuli). Kharmen was selected as best bitch puppy and finally BOS-puppy.

Gaspar, Best puppy dog, 7-9 months Uuno, 2nd best puppy dog, 7-9 months

Kharmen, BOS-puppy

Supi, BD-4, CC

The class winner of intermediate dogs was Tazillah Halah Abbaas (Supi), who finally was placed as BD-4 with CC. In bitches intermediate class two first places were taken by sisters Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) who was first and Tazillah Halika Almasi (Lulu) as second. In best bitch ring Hani was selected among the five best. She was not placed this time but was awarded with CC anyway.

Hani, Best intermediate bitch, CC Lulu, 2nd best intermediate bitch

In bitches champion class number 4 was Tazillah Nasim Nahema (Nasu) and second in veteran dogs was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben).

Second in breeders class was kennel Tazillah with honorary price.


Tallinn, int-show

Judge: Svante Frisk (Sweden)

Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) was BB-1 and BOB and was awarded with CACIB and EeW-10 title. Tarah's full brother Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) was in turn BD-3 with CAC and Ee Ch title.

Tazillah Iraiyavan: BD-3, CAC, Ee Ch Tazillah Iran Taraneh: BOB, CACIB, EeW-10


Neumünster (Germany), int-show

Judge: Marion Marpe (Germany)

Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) was placed BB-2 and was awarded with VDH-sertificate, D CH res sertificate and res-CACIB.


Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin - BOS and Tazillah Janna Jawaydah  - BOB Järvenpää, show

Judge: Maret Kärdi (Estonia)

Even the heavy shower during the judging of bitch classes could not prevent Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) to be selected as BB-1. In best of breed ring Waida competed against a very successful veteran dog Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) but this time youth won over experience and Waida was selected as BOB with CC. Ruben instead was BOB veteran. Fine day ended in a BIG-ring where Waida was finally placed second.


Hyvinkää, track racing

The Finnish Saluki Club's 2010 veteran track racing championship was won by Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo). The racing distance was 280m and Jalo stopped the watch at 20.88s. Four veteran salukis were competing over the championship.


Helsinki, int-show

Judge: Leif Lehmann Jörgensen (Denmark)

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) was again BD-2 and BOB veteran and this time he also completed as BIS-3 veteran. BB-3 with res-CC and res-CACIB was Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida).


Jalo, VMM-10. Hyvinkää, DVM&VMM, lurecoursing

This year 14 salukis were chasing after "the veteran lure coursing champion" title. Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo) completed quite demanding track in a very strong determination and was finally crowned as veteran chanpion 2010.


Tazillah Husayn Ameer - BOS and Hadayan Maxima  - BOB Turenki, show

Judge: Markku Kipinä

Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) re-new his previous day placement and was again BD-1 and BOS with CC. BD-2 and BOB veteran was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben).


Mynämäki, show

Judge: Manola Poggesi Arnetoli, Italy

Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) took his show careers best placement so far and was BD-1 and BOS with CC. In bitches side BB-2 was Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) with res-CC. The class winner in junior bitches was Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani).

Tazillah Husayn Ameer - BOS and Kirman Velika - BOB. Photo: Susanna Mäkelä Waida. Photo: Kirsi Kärkkäinen

Helsinki, puppy show

Judge: Matti Luoso

Tazillah Garnet Ibn Hareeq (Uuno) was BOB puppy in a puppy show at Helsinki.


Tazillah Ghalia Karmah Loviisa, puppy show

Judge: Tuula Savolainen

Tazillah Ghalia Karmah (Kharmen) got nice start to her show career by beeing BOB and BIG-2 puppy.


Leevi. Photo: Irene Vinha Kankaanpää, Finland-Cup, lure coursing

Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) continued strong performance on lure coursing field by taking third place with CC in dogs Finland Cup finals. Another strong performer is also Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) who this time took fifth place. Kanda's sister Tazillah Kashmira (Kati) did also well and was placed fifth on bitches side.


Kaxi Berlin, 17.4 Int-show and 18.4 sighthound specialty

13.2 Frau Piesik, Germany
14.2 Herr Ehrenreich, Austria

On Saturday Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) was placed second in open bitches (res-VDH-CAC) and on Sunday she was BB-2 with VDH-CAC and C CH res-CAC.


Iran, CC + Fi Mva. Photo: Alex Wiik. Lappeenranta, show

Judge: Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel

Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) won open dogs and was finally placed BD-2 with CC and Fi Ch title. Iran's brother Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) was BD-3 and thus made his fourth successive placement in Best Dog -ring this year. Class winners with excellent were also Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) in junior dogs and in veteran dogs Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo), who was also BOS veteran.


Riga (Latvia), international show

Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) was placed third in dogs and in bitches Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida) did even better and was placed second with CC and res-CACIB. Good success in bitches were completed by Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) who was BB-3.

Kaxi at Grossenespe. Photo: Camilla Haglund

Grossenaspe (Germany), sighthound specialty show

Judge: Rita Benneman, Germany

Tazillah Kazhireh (Kaxi) won bitches workingclass with VDH-CAC. Congratulations Camilla and Kaxi!


Tampere, international show

Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden

Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) continued his great placements and was now BD-3 among 27 males.


Kaarina, group show

Judge: Margaret Martin, Ireland

Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben) continued his well started show year and was again BOS and also BOB and BIS-2 veteran. BD-2 with CC and Fi championship title was Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali). Class placings with "excellent" got also in dogs Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) by winning the junior class with res-CC, Tazillah Ilango-Khan (Iran) with third place in open class and Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda) with third place in champion class. In bitches second in junior class was Tazillah Hanin Shakila (Hani) with excellent.

Aziz Qaside, VSP vet and Ruben ROP vet Hali, CC and Fi Ch

Minsk, international show

Judge: ?, Poland

Tazillah Indra Kailani (Amada) was BOS with CC and CACIB and completed her Belarus championship.


Minsk, international show

Judge: ?, Poland

Tazillah Indra Kailani (Amada) was BOB and BIG-4 and was awarded with CC and CACIB.


Mustiala, lure coursing

Kanda. Photo: Alex Wiik Tazillah salukis got great start for coming lure coursing season by taking first three positions in dogs competition. First was Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda), second Tazillah Laylim Lamarr (Leevi) and third Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo). Kanda and Leevi were also awarded with CCs. Seventh was Tazillah Liam Larome (Liam) who was leading the race after qualifying round.

In bitches competition we also got CC due to Tazillah Janna Jawaydahs (Waida) very determined and focused run in finals which raised her as third from the seventh position of qualifying round. After qualifying round the third position was hold by Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah) but finally she took fifth place. Eighth was Tazillah Mona Luloah (Mina). In this competition there were 17 dogs and 19 bitches.

Leevi, Kanda and Jalo. Photo: Alex Wiik Waida. Photo: Alex Wiik


Tallinn, 13.2 specialty show and 14.2 Int-show

BOB and BOS. Photo: Heidi Wiik Judges:
13.2 Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne, Germany
14.2 Petru Muntea, Romania

Tazillah Iran Taraneh's (Tarah) catch from succesfull trip in Estonia were two CCs and a CACIB as a result of beeing BOS in both shows.


Turku, Int show

Judge: Gert Christensen, Denmark

The opening of show year in Southern Finland was done in Turku Winter Dog show and also with very good results: BD-1, BOS and BOB veteran was Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben), BD-2 with CC and CACIB was Tazillah Iraiyavan (Hali) and BD-3 with res-CACIB Dadaelis Nile of Tazillah (Niili). With excellent were also awarded the winner of dogs junior class Tazillah Husayn Ameer (Hector) and second in veteran class Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo) as well as in bitches the winner of junior class Tazillah Halika Almasi (Lulu) and fourth of champion class Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah).

Ruben BOS and Aziz Xanom BOB Hali, BD-2 CC CACIB


Finnish Saluki Club's Challenge Trophies 2009

Saluki of the Year:
2. (best male/BOS) Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben)
4. Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master)

Most Winning Saluki of the Year:
2. (best male/BOS) Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben)
4. Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master)

3. (best male/BOS) Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben)
8. Tazillah Latif Farrukh (Master)

Young Saluki of the Year:
9. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah)

Veteran of the Year:
1. Tazillah Rajaah al-Rubin (Ruben)
3. Tazillah Qahir Sanam (Salomo)

Top Sire/Dam of the Year:
5. Al-Yasamin Jadila (Diia)

Saluki Breeder of the Year:
2. Tazillah

Joni's Commemorative Trophy:
4. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda)
9. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah)

Leevi's Commemorial Trophy:
2. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah)

Lure Coursing Saluki Of The Year:
6. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda)
9. Tazillah Janna Jawaydah (Waida)
12. Tazillah Kashmira (Kati)

Track Racing Saluki Of The Year :
2. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda)
5. Tazillah Omar Kamran (Jalo)
10. Tazillah Iran Taraneh (Tarah)

Abdelkader's Commemorative Trophy for years active runner:
1. Tazillah Khanda-Karneol (Kanda)